What Makes Lazy Cozy Quilts Unique?

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Every pattern writer has their own style, and I like to think my style reflects my personality. I'm a little ambitious, and a little lazy (Lazy is my first name, after all). Colorful, yet classic. Modern, yet approachable. 


Beyond design style,  Lazy Cozy is a community of quilters who could be considered the anti-quilt police. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do take pride in doing our best work (knowing that our best work looks a little different each day).  We try new things, laugh when they don't go well, and try again.  So what if our points don't match perfectly? Perfection is never the intention. Making something pretty and gaining confidence while doing it is. 


My goal is to write patterns that push the boundaries of your comfort zone, while giving you the resources and encouragement to push past it.  I'll be with you every step of the way and am just an email away if you need a hand! 


If you can identify with any of this, stick around, kick off your shoes and help yourself to the fridge! I hope you'll feel at home and I know you'll find a group of friends who make you feel like you belong here.  

About Me



Sarah Hunter, Quilting Addict

In my former life I was a social butterfly and Home Economics drop-out. Now I'm a socially awkward homebody with a sewing machine and a bad quilting habit. 


I've never followed a quilt pattern word for word, because where's the adventure in that?! Since I get bored easily, I'm constantly looking for ways to make each step of the process a little more fun and a little less time-consuming.


On the weekends, I like to party, and by party I mean pouring a glass of red wine while pressing white fabric for my next quilt top, or cutting up scraps. We live dangerously around here!