• Sarah Hunter

Marie Kondo Has No Hobbies

"Those storage 'solutions' are really just a means within which to bury possessions that spark no joy." ~ Marie Kondo

Respectfully, I must disagree with Ms. Kondo. Storage solutions can make the difference between being efficient and being a hot mess (I prefer to be both). I understand that she wants to help you clear the clutter. I'm down with that, I hate clutter! But if you have a hobby, from quilting to woodworking or baking, you're going to need some "stuff" to help you make the things that truly bring you joy.

Storage solutions, like plastic containers and organizers, are my favorite way to spend more time being joyful and less time scratching my head, while muttering to myself "Where the hell did it go? The dog must have taken it. I know it was here yesterday." Kind of like this guy...👇

At the beginning of the year, I took a couple weeks to do a 'hard reset' and reorganize my studio from top to bottom. One of my favorite projects was reorganizing the way I store works in progress (WIPs). My current method of stacking them on the bed in the guest room was great until I actually had to go in that room. I felt guilty that my hobby was taking up two bedrooms in our three bedroom house, and also cluttering up the otherwise tidy room.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at storage containers online. Days, perhaps. I finally bought a few and this one (pictured below) is my favorite by far. My only regret is not buying two. The cart holds 6 individual cases that slide in and out of the cart. Hypothetically speaking, IF I had more than six WIPs, I could probably fit two in each case. And IF, hypothetically speaking, I had more than 12 WIPs, I would buy another cart. In fact, there may or may not be another cart in my cart right now.

Rottweiler standing next to a storage cart

As you can tell, the cart itself is not quite as tall as a Rottweiler that sits funny and sticks his tongue out. Helpful, yes? It's actually about 26" tall and comes with wheels you can attach to the bottom, which I haven't done yet. The cases are approximately 12" x 12" square, have latching lids and are clear, so I can easily see what is in each case as I pull them out. Each case has a little built in handle, making it easy to grab and go to retreats. (Side note: Dog not included with cart purchase. Believe me, you'd send him back after you saw the dog food bill.)

In general, I like to put the all the pieces of the quilt, including the backing, into each case with the pattern. Keeping all the fabric, blocks, patterns, notes and thread together saves me a lot of time, and the dog doesn't get accused of relocating my stuff nearly as often.

I waited a month after starting this system to share my thoughts on it because I wasn't quite sure it would work. I can tell you now with all certainty that I spend a lot less time getting ready to sew and a lot more time actually sewing since I started using these. The cart sits just to the right of my machine under the desk, within easy reach of my chair.

As of writing, this cart is cheaper than it was when I bought mine, which makes adding a second one all that more enticing. Oddly, the black colored version costs more. If you're not picky about color, snatch one of these up now, or save it to Pinterest so you can find it easily when you're ready to start organizing!

I'm excited to share more storage solutions I've started using recently as part of my studio overhaul, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get a head's up when the next post comes out!

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