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Patchwork and Pillowcases Drive

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UPDATE: The #PatchworkandPillowcases Drive for The Socorro Foundation was a huge success! During the months of August and September of 2019, quilters and sewists donated hundreds of pillowcases and quilts to immigrants seeking legal asylum.

Halfway through the Drive, the American government changed its policies and required political asylum seekers to await their court date in Mexico.

With all but the most-ill immigrants being sent back across the border, it appeared as if The Socorro Foundation's shelter would be a short lived refuge. But Program Founder Anamichelle Castellano, would not be so easily deterred. Ms. Castellano began making weekly trips across the border to tent cities where the asylum seekers were taken after being released from detention centers. She delivered donated pillowcases and quilts, as well as much needed supplies like baby formula, clean socks, and shoes to the families.

Although the Patchwork and Pillowcases Drive has ended, you can still send donations to the address below. You will also find a link to the Foundation's Amazon Wish List of desperately needed supplies for the thousands of people still living in these tent cities awaiting their asylum hearings in US courts.

The Socorro Foundation

The Socorro Foundation, a nonprofit organization (and 100% volunteer), is opening a Family Shelter and Education Center that receives families released from federal agencies.

They provide families with a safe place to rest, shower, eat and prepare for the next leg of their journey to their sponsor family. In addition to much needed supplies like clean socks, diapers and formula, families receive educational courses on American laws, culture and language to give them a head start in rebuilding their lives. The shelter intends to provide for 100 new people every three to five days, and hopes to double their capacity soon.

For Quilts

These quilts will remain at the shelter and will be washed on an almost daily basis, so the specifications below take into account the need to be “heavy duty” and easy to care for.

  1. Minimum length per side 30″

  2. Maximum length per side 40″

  3. Must be NEW and UNUSED.

  4. Quilts do not have to be patchwork design. Almost* any of your favorite baby quilt patterns can be used.

  5. *Please do not send rag quilts or hand tied quilts. They are wonderful, but they could be choking hazards.

  6. Please refrain from adding ribbons, buttons, or any embellishments. They could be choking hazards.

  7. Please avoid the use of holiday or sports team specific fabric prints.

  8. Please use cottons and batting that are machine washable and machine dryable.

  9. Please use secure quilting methods. Straight lines or stippling work great!

  10. Freshly washed quilts in scent free detergents are appreciated!

For Pillowcases

The pillowcases will be given to children when they arrive and are theirs to keep.

  1. The standard pillowcase size is 21″ x 30-32″

  2. Must be NEW and UNUSED.

  3. Please use fabrics that are machine washable and machine dryable.

  4. Freshly washed pillowcases in scent free detergents are appreciated!


Ship to: The Socorro Foundation 310 N. 3rd Street Hidalgo, TX 78557

  1. You can use any method to ship your quilts and pillowcases. I like to use the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and boxes. You can pick up them up at your local post office and print the labels right from your own printer.

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