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Sonic Bloom - Quit Kits Galore!

The Sonic Bloom Quilt pattern is here and it's colorful! Like REALLY colorful...The throw and twin size use eleven different colors (plus background), while the crib/lap version uses eight!

But before you start hyperventilating and cursing me for using so many fabrics in one quilt, read on! (You can always resume hyperventilating and cursing me after you've finished reading, no hard feelings.) :)

For some people (ahem), the fabric pull is the most exciting part of making a quilt. Those people (ahem) literally spend hours auditioning different fabrics for a pattern, using Electric Quilt 8 to place each one in a digital layout, and then spend another couple hours shopping online to find those fabrics. Or so I've heard.

If you’re not one of those people who enjoys wasting time obessing over just the right color scheme, or shopping the internet for all those fabrics, I have good news...You don't have to!

I’ve reached out to other small businesses who have a flair for color and together we’ve created FIVE Sonic Bloom quilt kits that take all the guesswork out of color pairing. Each kit comes with a custom layout illustrating where each fabric goes, and in some cases, a set of cutting instructions unique to the bundle (read on for details).

Here’s a sneak peek of those kits, listed in alphabetical order by fabric shop:

1. Color Girl Quilts – Sharon is the creator of the Classic Curves Ruler, and if you’ve already got the pattern in your (clean and sanitized) hands, then you know that it includes directions on how to make this quilt using this handy little ruler! Sharon also has an eye for mixing prints so I reached out to her to create a rainbow version of the Sonic Bloom quilt. Using various tonal prints similar to the ones shown below, you'll get a kit full of bright, beautiful fabrics to make the throw size version!

2. Great Heron Thread Co – UPDATE! Justine has a limited number of kits using the all new Art Gallery Fabrics Terra Kotta line, mixed with a couple of decadant Decostitch Elements blenders. The kit includes an exclusive layout and customized cutting instructions.

3. Lamb & Loom Fabrics – If you’ve been following me for any length of time, then you know that Art Gallery Fabrics PURE Solids collection is my fabric “drug of choice”, and Linli at Lamb & Loom is my dealer. She’s got ALLLLLLL the colors (100+)! So naturally, she was my first choice to create a bundle for the cover throw quilt, using that beautiful, bold blue as the background.

4. Lamb & Loom Fabrics Linli didn’t stop with just one kit… She created a second quilt kit using a clever pairing of colors on an off-white background for a softer, feminine palette. This bundle is the perfect example how versatile the pattern is; bright and bold or soft and sweet! BONUS: This kit includes four brand new colors to the AGF PURE Solids collection!

5. The Next Stitch – Australians usually get left out of the quilt kit mix, and that’s not fair! I wanted to make sure that my Aussie friends had equal opportunity to get in on this perk. Wendy’s online shop based in Queensland has been serving fabric hoarders for a few years now, and not only did she create a stunningly unique kit using Kona Cotton, she also offers the Classic Curves Ruler! Wendy’s bundle uses 12 fabrics (instead the 11 in the original pattern) and it also comes with customized cutting instructions and a layout for her customers!

It’s been SEW MUCH FUN (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it) collaborating with these fabric shops to illustrate the many different ways this pattern can come to life. I totally geek out over fabric pulls! If you’d like to get more ideas and a hefty dose of inspiration, follow #sonicbloomquilt on Instagram! You'll find all of the pattern testers creations, as well as other quilter’s fabric pulls as they pop up!

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